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The world's best known closet homo.
Ryan Seacrest dumped Teri Hatcher with a quickness when he found out by anatomical means that "Teri" was not short for "Terrance".
додав Seacrest's Pants 27 Травень 2006
The most annoying and least likeable man on television.
Ryan Seacrest always refers to the audience as "America" which bugs me
додав ceebs 21 Квітень 2006
Quite possibly the world's largest tool.
Ryan Seacrest is such a tool.
додав James_ 3 Листопад 2007
A future contestant on a "Where are they now?" Survivor special who will be caught scheming with Paris and Nicole to vote off Justin.
"Ryan Seacrest, the tribe has spoken."
додав TheNcredibleEgg 20 Листопад 2006
A guy who takes it up the ass by Simon Cowell
I saw Ryan Seacrest sucking off Simon Cowell under the american idol judging table!
додав Dumby 3 Серпень 2007
(n) An extremely feminine "man" that flirts with grumpy british men.

(v) To poorly hide that you are a flamboyantly gay.
That guy on tv is such an idiot. Who let Ryan Seacrest become famous? He has no talent and is way over-publicized. He should hook up with Richard Simmons and climb out of his barbie filled closet.
додав Phillip Leonard 26 Лютий 2008
A derogatory term that you would call a Guy who cares a lot about what his hair looks like, how his clothes look, and how he smells. A nicer way to call a guy Metrosexual
John: Matt called jake Ryan Seacrest

Ben: Yeah he is a big one
додав Paul Bford 13 Квітень 2008