Stardoll is a fashion website where a bunch of people come on to show their creative side.

But, thats not all... It's also where people backstab, scam and cheat people for "rare" pixel clothing such as any old "rare" LE, DKNY, or MKA
Oh and we can't forget about the "elite" people of stardoll who think they are untouchable with their plane simple dolls, all the rares in the world, perfect grammar, i dont give a fuck personality and daddies money background. They're filthy rich and like to show people they have it.

Then we have the fashion extreme kiddos who dare to put layers and layers of clothing on to.. try and make a complex sick looking outfit when it really just looks.. ehh. (Don't put too much effort in it)
Then we have the untouchables, these are all of the wig designers, or really any designer of the sort who are not like the elites but some what similar. Now, unlike a few, most act like they're the best of em all and act as if they're the better of them all.
OH cant forget those scammers/and hackers who just rid us of all of our real money and pixel money, don't we just LOOVE you

Then finally we have the normal people on here who are just trynna have a bit a of fun with it
there are a bunch more but you get the idea
oh gosh be careful on stardoll don't want to be scammed or anything, it is fun though
додав nuvy 23 Лютий 2015

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