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The feminine version of "fap" indicating the sound of a female masterbating..
Are you going to shik?
додав Whoodieo 24 Січня 2008
(n.) an expression used instead of s**t!

You can use this as an everyday expression since it sounds nice (haha! ^_^)
shiks! I forgot to submit my project! I need to go back home and get it.
додав She-She 14 Вересня 2006
an amazing everything that cannot be described.
something amazing;shik
додав dcgiirlxox0 25 Грудня 2009
Abbreviation for sick shit
"That is shik"
додав Whiskey Foxtrot 05 Січня 2010
Whoops! I spelt shit wrong
додав Josh Kerr 21 Жовтня 2003
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