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One who speaks bullshit fluently in order to fool people out of money or other possesions, often associated with used-car salesmen
That shister just talked me into paying for his ticket
додав Skynard 18 Липень 2006
A Lairy Bastard. Usually heard around London
You cockney shister
додав Bido 1 Червень 2004
shady person who runs the glounge and goes out of his way to create conflict and who has a small dick complex
Boy that Jason guy sure is a shister!
додав Jenevieve J-V 10 Вересень 2012
Someone who is greedy with weed and hooks up on small sacks and never smokes anyone out.
Man, I hate that fuckin shister Zack.
додав Randy 31 Серпень 2003
shit head, chump.
That guy is a shister.
додав Philip Heirshaft 13 Березень 2003
the act of dumping; also known as dropping friends off at the pool
I have to take a shister
додав Ivanna Humpalot 17 Грудень 2004