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A name found in the film 'The Hills Have Eyes 2'. Shitman the Barbarian is a man who comes out of a toilet covered in shit. He has small wounds all over his body so that he can die slowly from the feces.
The scene from the film:
Amber: Who was that guy??
Napoleon: Shitman the Barbarian, I have no idea?!
додав MC Monka in Da House 11 Травень 2009

Слова пов'язані з Shitman the Barbarian

connan the barbarian shit man the barbarian the hills have eyes the hills have eyes 2
an ugly harry dirty shit for brains person or just the stupidest uglyest person you've ever seen...
we were all going to go to the party untill shit man the barbarian called the cops.

man they have shit man the barbarian working at BK.
додав nick,lupe.conan 14 Березень 2008