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One's exact opposite, created by someone's parents to torture him/her until death.
Sibling rivalry is common among siblings.
додав Ausie Badass 7 Грудень 2003
206 69
A child born of your mother's womb who is used as a unit of comparison in the family.
Mom: (Chiding) "Your brother sent me flowers for my birthday. Why can't you be more like him?"

Steve: "Ah, Mom! Can I help it if my sibling has more money to waste than me?"
додав Loxi 22 Липень 2009
206 84
1. The reason your mom knows where you hide your porn, drugs, and alcohol
2. Demonic forces sent down from wherever to punish those who try to enjoy their life
3. Punching bags
4. Someone to blame the broken window on.
It's all because of my Siblings
додав Robot Hippy 27 Липень 2008
134 45
A combination of a best friend and a punching bag
Tony is my sibling. He bugs the heck out of me, but I love him so much.
додав Ky'lath 10 Липень 2008
70 22
A brother or sister.
A being with whom you share parents, whose sole purpose is to destroy your life.
In general, younger siblings are slightly more annoying than older ones, although in general older siblings are meaner and stronger so beat up the younger one.
додав Goldfish United! 26 Лютий 2009
59 15
a brother and/or sister, younger or older
the only ones who will be there for you through anything and love you no matter what
my best friends
i have the best siblings in the world, they're what i live for.
додав baybee b 3 Квітень 2008
92 58
A younger brother or sister.
додав Stan 10 Жовтень 2003
93 83