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Most commonly used in Australia. Can be used as an insult to anybody, but generally laid off at your friends or acquaintances in a jokingly manner.

Can also have the potential for appraisals, such as another Australian colloquialism fully sick('fully sick, mate' after can be used as well).
"Your such a sick rat."
"Your such a sick rheeet" (emphasize on the rat to show even more disgust)
додав Jonathan.M 22 Жовтень 2007

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appraisal australia awesome cool disgust fully fully sick insult mate not rat rock sick you
A scrawny little fuck that has balls bigger than a bull moose. This person can talk ridiculous amounts of shit and do ridiculous things and 90% of the time get away with it.
Nicky is a SICKRAT.
What a fuckin SICKRAT
додав ballsy guy 6 Травень 2007