A band from Canda how can tottaly rock. The band has a lot looking guys like David.
They know how to keep the crowd going.
додав Elizabeth Payne 04 Серпня 2005
A pop-punk rock band from Montreal, Canada.

Simple Plan is:

Pierre Bouvier(vocals)
David Desrosiers(bass/vocals)
Sebastien Lefebvre(guitar/vocals)
Jeff Stinco(guitar)
Chuck Comeau(drums)

They currently have two albums out;

'No Pads, No Helmets...Just Balls'(2002)


'Still Not Getting Any... '(2004)
If you want an example then just listen to their albums.

"Simple Plan is one of my favorite bands."
додав Sunny Ðaze 30 Травня 2005
French-canadian band that don't deserve all the shit that they are getting on this site from illiterate morons, who feel that they have a duty to jump on the 'flaming bandwagon'.

I agree that in some songs, the lead singer sounds whiny, however many of their songs portray his voice in a better way.
As for the whole 'whining, even though they're rich...don't live in a third world country blah blah blah...' shit, they are writing for the teenage audience who listen to their songs.

I am a teenager, and I am going to admit that we can be self-centered and only focus on our own life problems at times. Simple Plan isn't trying to 'change the world through the power of music' and other bull that preachy bands lecture on.

I can relate to their songs, and I enjoy listening to them, so if that makes me a 'teenybopper', then hey, label what you like, however I am not middle-class or American. I listen to many various genres of music, mainly the various subs of Rock. I admit that this band is almost purely pop (with the exception that they play their own instruments-well), but please, don't stereotype fans as the odd few moronic pre-teens that think the band is 'sooooo hawt <3!!!!11oneeleven'.

As for the Scooby Doo thing, you can say that it makes them losers, posers or sell-outs...whatever. I think that being all of these things is submitting to a label and being so 'hardcore, etc.', that everything's too cool for you. They did Scooby Doo...so frigging what.

Leave them alone, they're real people that I highly doubt care about any of your pathetic little bitches and brainless little hatred speeches. You cna hate without being vocal and offensive, now I'll take a leaf out of your books (if you can read...?). Quit whining, Fuckwits.
Logical Fan: I really like them becuase their songs are relatable and their music's just great

Poser Fan/OTT Fan: OMG, I'm like, going to download, like all of their songs, 'coz I heard one on the radio, and I bet the lead singer is buff/hot

Non-fan: Well, I don't like Simple Plan, becuase they don't appeal to me and I find their songs repetitive/boring/not my taste of music

Fuckwit Hater/Wagon Jumper: Simple Plan sucks so bad, they like suck weiners. God, how whiny is his voice?? I know, I'll just go post an offensive definition on an online dictioNary. That'll sort out the problem...

додав LVoT 07 Лютого 2008
only the best band ever. if you think they suck then you really have never heard quality music. its the best music to listen to when your depressed. only people with realy music sense listen to them.
still not getting any by simple plan fucking rocks man!
додав beautifulme! 04 Квітня 2005
A Canadian band consisting of five members.

It doesn't only appeal to 12 year olds.

They play songs that most people can relate to, and not some stupid (rap) song about flirting with a girl.

They also have talent and they don't care what other people say about them, they play the music for themselves not anyone else.

They play songs that actually has a value like,
Crazy and Untitled.

Pft, who said Canadian bands sucked, the reality is you suck shit.

Whiny person: Canadian bands SUCK!
Simple Plan Fan and a Canadian: How? Example?
Whiny person: Errrmmm Avril SuCkS!
Simple Plan Fan and a Canadian: She's not even a BAND you retard.
додав Jennifer08 25 Жовтня 2005
Simple Plan is one of the best bands out there. They are my favourite band and i listen to their CD's Everyday. I don't get it why people have to always diss someone elses favourite band. You don't see me dissing your favourite band so why do you diss mine?
Simple Plan Rawks My Sox Off!!
додав Amanda 23 Березня 2005
Tehy are a fuckin great band. Anyone who says theyre only popular cuz theyre good looking its not true. They are popular because they are good. Also, i would like to point out that they are not liked just by people who want to believe they are punk or rock or whatever. Poeple like simple plan because simple plans music is the brilliant, whatever genre you want to call it.
And theyre a nice bunch of guys with a lot of talent.
take david for example. He sung in reset when he was 16, in front of thousands of people, a song which he and his band wrote themselves, i a language which he hadnt been speaking very long (hes french canadian so his first language is french.). He can sing, and play guitar, bass and drums. Dont try and tell me thats not talented. Can you do better?
They are very nice when you talk to them aswell. Of all the bands ive met they were one of the nicest.
music by simple plan includes:
just a kid
id do anything ( mark hoppus liked this song so much he played it before his shows with blink182 to get him hyped up)

'oh my simple plan'
(oh my god)
додав simple plan rock 25 Квітня 2005
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