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A cross of the calm Rastafarianism and the more angsty Punk Rock idealism. It preaches a laid back attitude usually aided by heavy marijuana use, as well as optional Anti government attitudes. The former can sometimes outweigh the latter, however, to the point where one only cares about skating and women.
Ex: Much of the suburban east cost.

A skater punk can be identified by his long hair, ripped denim, large "skate" shoes, and almost constant use of the word, "dude."
додав Macadaciouse Millan 16 Квітня 2004
Mainly used as a term for people with little imagination to berate skateboarders. Used in the same sense as Skate Fag
Skate or Die and so on...

Can be heard yelled from passing cars when trying to skateboard in small towns across the U.S. by Rednecks.

In most circumstance a term used by someone who has never actually stepped on a skateboard to define an entire culture as punks that skate.

May be a way for those whom would have wanted to skateboard at one time to associate with those whom did. Sometimes used by actual punk bands with a dwindling audience to boost records sales ala No Need for a name or avril lavigne in a lesser sense skater boi or whatever that garbage is.
Hey Skater Punk! Do a trick man! Do a kickflip dude!
додав Hypenotist 16 Жовтня 2005
most often, short kids with long blonde hair...oh, and skater shoes. those are a necessity.
that brett thinks he's a skaterpunk just because he bought skater-shoes...
додав rachel harvensteen 02 Травня 2005
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