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Has nothing to do with "slackers" or college or hip indie movies of the nineties. Is the secret ingredient of the Universal Solvent, the Holy Grail, the true goal of all mystic beings.
"Verily I say unto thee that unto thee who haveth Slack more Slack shall be given, but whoever so should lack Slack shall lose even that." - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
додав Pope Breakfast 5 Квітень 2003
absence of rules . . . wholly grail for a Subgenius
"Cut me some slack . . . Jack"
додав CruiserBob 18 Вересень 2008
good quality pants
Well, you never know when you might needs something on the spur of the moment for a wedding or maybe someone's graduation, or a nice date, so I'll probably take some nice slacks, a dress shirt, and a couple (of) crazy ties or two.
додав saturn_only 9 Липень 2009
Pants that are especially prone to an unwanted crotch tent
I had to wear slacks to prom, and when she kissed me i think she noticed my crotch tent
додав Brobacca 15 Травень 2011
A preferable way to describe trousers, pantaloons, dress pants, etc.
Yo, that chick was digging my slacks!
додав superdawg90 14 Червень 2011
Slang for the prescription anti anxiety medication xanax.
Damn, that chick was all zipped up on the slacks. It's no wonder she can't remember what happened last night.
додав red rob 23 Вересень 2010
loose fitting, broken, loose stitch
"slack tight"
додав Noixz 15 Січень 2009