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a word to describe something/someone when no other word can describe it, can mean stupid, idiotic, a loser, etc...generally not good
adjective, noun, verb
Also- Sonty, Sontish, Sontful,
This guy is a total SONT; That youtube video was seriously SONTY
додав originalSont 27 Березень 2010
20 2

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A contraction using the words SO and DON'T.
I son't wanna go to American History right now.
додав Lady Hailey 18 Червень 2007
24 6
"Sont" or "Sonts" have different meanings,
but it usually means sometimes.
"Do you ever go camping?"

додав Seth19 2 Липень 2010
3 1
sexy oriental naked trio, aka a hot threesome
OMG we had such a great sont last night!
додав Ben 23 Лютий 2005
10 12
to be used when you're laughing so hard you mean to type "don't", but you use the key to the direct left of the first letter and hit enter before you realize this mistake.
:lol: son't you wish you had a video camera for stuff like that?
додав M&M 19 Жовтень 2004
1 29