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The best girls around. They are always pretty and show themselves well. Normally dressed in their easter colored polos, lacostes, or michael stars. Allways (well, usually) seen wearing there name brand jeans blue cult, 7's, citizens, angel, paper denim, etc...Accesories always consist of them pearl earings. Simple yet ellegant. All southern girls own atleast 1 surf shop or restaurant T-shirt from somewhere on the coast, most likely Wrightsville. Found cruising around in their silver or green Range Rovers or Land Rovers, and if not, volvos or station wagons. Hangouts consist of North Hills (if your familliar with Raleigh, NC), or any place that serves fresh ice tea and warm grits. The music they listen to is usually very mellow, like Dave Matthews, OAR, James Taylor, Alanis Morrissette, Hootie, Jack Johnson, Jimmy Buffet, Rascal Flatts, etc...Southern hospitality runs in the family. Southern households are the most generous of them all, which makes southern girls, the sweetest.

Always remember though, the carolina girls are the best!
"Carolina girls, best in the world!"
northeners: eh' you guys.
southern girls: hey yall want some tea?
додав wouldnt youliketoknow 17 Березня 2006
the best kind of girls around. always cute and propper, never ever seen in public without there pearls, lacostes, polos, designer jeans, michael stars, or sunglasses w/ croakies. usually seen cruising around in there range rovers/land rovers and blasting there beach music. southern girls know how to party and can drink a beer better than any other kind of girl. they are alot of fun and always cute and preppy. they are extremely adorable fun lovin girls from there perfectly cut hair down to there peticured toes
southern guy 1- when im older, i want to marry a southern girl, they are so perfect

southern guy 2- yeah and then we will have little southern babies that will all drink sweet tea and eat grits and fried chicken

southern guy 3-yeah and dont forget, carolina girls are the best in the world
додав tea and grits 25 Березня 2006
There is no way to put all Southern Girl's in category, here are three of the ones you can spot a mile away, though:
The oh-so-innocent preachers daughter type,
The sweet southern belle
And the preppy as hell ones you wanna slap the shit out of.
Also, if you see a pretty and stubborn girl from the south without cute sunglasses, she is not from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida or Georgia.
I gave you the best explanation I could of Southern Girl's up there.
додав V.L.M 25 Червня 2010
The best in the world. Almost always has camo on her, got a sweet Southern drawl that drives the boys crazy. Dark tan from working on the farm. Loves her mama, daddy, and the Good Lord above. She'd rather be in the woods than in a mall. Ain't gonna start nothing but if you mess with her friends, family, or man you best believe she's gone be ready to put you in your place. Hunting, fishing, riding horses, driving her pick up truck and findin a mud hole is what shes gone be doing. Sweet as sweet tea and bout as fragile as a coal truck. <3
Look at that southern girl with that cowboy hat. Ain't Nothing pertier than Southern Girls.
додав SouthernCharm123 16 Березня 2012
Girls from the south, usually prim and proper, bible-thumping, "I'm so innocent", back stabbing, bitchy, snobbish, moronic, ditsy, ignorant, stuck-up, brainless, fake, drawling whores who are convinced they are the best in the world.
A Southern girl is found in but not limited to all states south of Maryland and Est of Texas.
додав DannySP 20 Грудня 2008
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