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A large rounded poo, which rests at the bottom of the bowl. Often refuses to flush.
I fled the scene, and the poor fool who used the toilet next would have to sit on my submarine
додав Triumpharter 9 Травень 2011
To motorboat a girl underwater
"Come take a swim with me, I'd like to Submarine you"
додав Mattyg169 23 Серпень 2009
when you take a long shit but half of it goes down the pipe of the toilet so you cant really see it anymore.
"i took a shit it was a submarine though so i didnt save it."
додав the kid is noiceee 7 Червень 2007
long, hard, and full of seamen
We all live in a yellow submarine.
додав Mike the Ekim 8 Травень 2005
A sexual position in which the male suspends himself under the female while she is on all four with her posterior facing the sky.
Dude, I submarined Jen for two minutes then she collapsed.
додав Jim 8 Грудень 2003
When a couple, Man and Woman are sharing a hot tub together. Unknown to the woman, the man is jerking off under the bubbly jets so she cannot see. Just before the man cums, he sticks just the tip above the water and screams "FIRE TORPEDOES!" and blasts on her face, before submerging again.
Oh Fred your Submarine ALWAYS catches me by surprise
додав CuddlyCuddleFish 8 Березень 2011
When a women gives you oral pleasure...Voluntarily with a quickness
She gave me SUBMARINE like pleasures
додав CHECKMATE & JO'EL the STUDENT 5 Вересень 2010