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Also known as "pseudopoo".
Doing a Sudoku puzzle on the toilet at work under the guise of a traditional "on-the-clock" shit.
Dal: Dude I just had the sweetest Sudopoo!
Jord: No way! Did you actually finish the puzzle?
Dal: No man, kept getting stuck on number 2.
Jord: Bummer, flush that one eh?
Dal: Yeah, my interest really tapered off.
додав ArtAdams 15 Травень 2010

Слова пов'язані з Sudopoo

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A Japanese number puzzle played while sitting on the toilet.
He has been in the bathroom for 45 minutes now. He must be playing Sudopoo.
додав lennyjackson 17 Листопад 2011
maybe the reason your dad has occupied the bathroom for nearly an hour.
Dad, are you gonna be quick in there or are you droppin' a sudopoo
додав pieyed 20 Січень 2009