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Imagine hell, now try to imagine SuperHell.

You can't, because anything you can perceive is still normal hell, so stop trying. The giant boiling vat of lemon juice, razor blades, sharks and jellyfish STILL won't cut it for SUPERHELL.

Also can be used to describe a situation with no positive outcome/escape
1: even if you added flamethrowers and lasers to the above mix, you still wouldn't have Superhell.

2: Man, i smell like beer & weed, its 4am, my car is stuck in a ditch, and i missed my wife's birthday...This sure is Superhell. even though its not
додав RLSM 27 Травень 2008

Слова пов'язані з Superhell

dammit even though its not fucked proper god hades hate hell i sheol shit abyss werewolf you
Where you go when you look up the youtube video at the name of the person who posted the werewolf definition.
Me: What the hell Michael.
Michael: Watch it!
Me: I can't; I'll go to Superhell.
додав I Hope This name isn't taken 10 Липень 2008