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verb; The act of giving oral sex to a male
After increasing pressure from the man, the woman finally gave him throat.
додав V.I.Lenin 7 Березень 2005
115 59
A person who tends to insincerely praise people in authority in order to gain personal advantage. Ie. an ass-kisser, but with a somewhat naughtier oral implication.
That awful throat is always telling her boss how handsome and intelligent he is!
додав Arschlöchli 10 Серпень 2005
58 51
Stands for The Hairiest Rat Of All Time
My math teacher is such a bitch, she's the T.H.R.O.A.T
додав weewoogravy 20 Жовтень 2011
6 1
Inside your mouth.
Instert penis here. (Women only... well, some guys like that too i guess.)
додав Poopsy 1 Липень 2003
34 79
Short for 'cutthroat'. A college or graduate student who uses subversive and dishonest techniques in order advance at the expense of his or her colleagues.
Student 1: Someone ripped out all of the relevant pages from this reference book!
Student 2: That's so throat! What a dick.
додав Total Penetration 24 Травень 2005
22 69
To defeat in combat or competition; to thwart
We played Super Smash Brothers, and I totally throated that sad sack of lard.
додав Olaph 18 Січень 2004
9 61
(verb) To skull or swallow something quickly.
'Here's your tequila man - Now throat it'.
додав kimba 17 Липень 2005
15 69