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During intercourse, when the man is about to cum, he pulls out, blows his load in his hand and slaps the girl across the face with it.
I had this chick doggy style when I blew my load in my hand, tapped her on the shoulder and when she turned around SLAP...in the face with the cupcake!
додав RicJames 4 Квітень 2009

Слова пов'язані з The Cupcake

cum cupcake cupcakes ejaculation erotic face gross hand man on man action ouch pain slap
When a man ejaculates on another man's penis,

then licks it off,

then bites it
Dude 1: yo man last night i got a the cupcake
Dude 2: how was it?
Dude 1: it felt good.....until he did the second part
Dude 2: ouch!
Dude 1: ouch indeed. i still got the bite marks to prove it
додав dirtynastyeroticthingsman 10 Серпень 2009