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word often mistaken as 'the rapist' by Sean Connery when playing celebrity jeopardy.
I'll take the rapist for 500
додав Chase C 31 Травень 2005
258 51
1. Someone for you to cry to when you lost your puppy

2. Someone who your parents send you to become diagnosed or talked to because you have some mental probelm to hide the fact that your parents suck at parenting

Note - Therapist is two words: "The" and "Rapist"
Guy: I'm so ugly that I got turned down by a hooker, I have to cry to my therapist now...

додав ne0_shiny 13 Квітень 2005
200 90
A guy who can't help EVERYBODY...
Client-I eat people.
Therapist-How does that make you feel?
додав Skelectory 7 Квітень 2009
105 37
Someone you pay $100 an hour to fuck with your psyche.
My therapist tried to blame my parents for all my troubles.
додав javaturtle 13 Січень 2004
109 49
A category on Celebrity Jeopardy which Sean Connery mistakes for being The Rapists
Connery: Let's try the rapists for 200
Trebek: Thats therapists mr. connery
додав Lilparkczar 12 Листопад 2007
51 8
Mispronounced category of "Therapists" by Sean Connery on SNL Celebrity Jeopardy.
Trebek: "Sean Connery, why don't you pick."
Connery: "I'll take The/rapists for twenty!"
Trebek: "It's actually not THE RAPISTS..."
додав ACG2x 5 Серпень 2004
25 12
Oh my gosh! That guy is a therapist! Be careful!
додав Beccaboo 11 Вересень 2012
2 8