refers to New York City. probably the coolest place on earth
Let's go party it up in the city tonight.
You can take the 7 line uptown (subway) to the bar in the city tonight.
додав sammysam48136 25 Січня 2009
An excellent R&B-hip-hop station that was played on XM before some dumbass had gotten rid of that station when they merged with Sirius. Now I have to listen to this half fast crappy hip-hop nation that plays just rap and not a mix of music. I do get sick of rap all the time and playing a crunk jam along with some song by Lupe Fiasco is not going to give me that variety. I want hip-hop with some R&B - a real hip-hop with R&B, not the melodic hip-hop junk they found on the Heat that is only liked by 15-25 year old women.
Bring back The City, bitch
додав Kyle 230 25 Грудня 2009
Stomping grounds of The Tick, also the place where he keeps his stuff.
"You can't blow up The City! That's where I keep my stuff!"
додав Spyder Mayhem 15 Серпня 2005
san francisco, 415, sco

its on the warriors jersey man, theres yo proof
"I live down in the city"
додав repthecity 01 Грудня 2004
I guess if you live in or around a city, to you that is THE city. And where I live, the Bay Area, San Francisco is THE city. Not Oakland, not San Jose, not Foster City (even though it has "city" in its name), but San Francisco. And no one I know here calls it "Frisco"
Guy 1: hey I'm going into the city this Saturday, wanna come?

Guy 2: depends. what city?

Guy 1: San Francisco dumfuck! What did you think I ment, Boise fucking Idaho???

Guy 2: you could have been talking about San Jose...
додав brian 04 Липня 2005
Short for New York City. Since New York is the only real city in America, it can be referred to with a capital "C".

If used within the 5 buroughs it typically means Manhattan. If outside the 5 buroughs, it refers to any of the 5 buroughs or all of them collectively.

(In Brooklyn)
At 11 o'clock, take the 2 train into Times Square. We're going to party in the City tonight.

(Anywhere else)
This place sucks. I can't wait to get back to the City and hit up a bodega at 4am for some forties.
додав JahBreeze 02 Серпня 2006
obviously, many people call their respective cities "the city" but there is only one CITY: Manhattan.

Brooklyn is not the city, Queens is not the city, the Bronx is not the city & Staten Island is NOT the city.

Only Manhattan is the City.
It is the greatest city on earth.
New York City is the City.
We're going to the City tomorrow, are you coming?

She lives in the City? I thought she lived in Brooklyn.
додав MACS;) 17 Серпня 2006
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