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A 3-Piece band(sometimes abbreviated as GWBE) consisting of:

George W. Bush:Lead guitar,lead vocals
Dick Cheney:Bass guitar,backing vocals
Karl Rove:Drums,percussion

Former members:
Donald Rumsfeld:Drums,percussion
Guy 1:Hey, did you hear about that GWBE concert last week?It was insane!

Guy 2:Yeah, the George W. Bush Experience is mediocre.
додав Shikyo2 1 Червень 2007

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getting high from any hallucinogenic drug, including LSD, PCP, etc. Used because of certain people's opinions of George W. Bush as a stupid, deluded liar who lives in a fantasy world--so being on LSD would be like being George W. Bush.
"Hey man, for only a few thousand I can hook you up with enough of the best angel dust to have you living the George W. Bush experience for months."
додав --Meatwad-- 22 Листопад 2004