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A very good all girl band. That actaully plays their instuments.
The like is an awesome band, it would be good for one to check them out.
додав Muhahahanafawnabanana 4 Листопад 2005

Слова пов'язані з The Like

z berg awesome berg girl band like lolz sneat the the lick the likes z
A cannibalization of the phrase the lick. Both mean something that is really great, or the pinnacle of something.
Poser 1 : Dood, that guy is ridin' spinners!
Poser 2 : Yeah, those are the like!
Poser 1 : What did you say? You mean the lick?
Poser 2 : Same thing, moron. Let's go get a taco.
додав Homey G. 12 Квітень 2004
Anyone with a personality considered "win" on a scale of win to lose, as judged by the Centennial Grandmasters of Dom.
Etymology - phrase the likes used to denote a list of people, this it's alternate form
The Likes rides bikes!
додав Michael Nuccio 1 Серпень 2004