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An entertainment company who leeches off of old, classics...of what you ask? Anything, may it be Classic Rock or SNL. They take pride in releasing to you a Digitally Remastered, Super Deluxe, Box Set of everything about everything. They also advertise these box sets via late night infomercials on Comedy Central.
"Time Life is totally killing Led Zeppelin"
додав The_masked_magician00 18 Вересень 2004

Слова пов'язані з Time Life

advertisment collection commercial music musicmercial slap chop
An evil company that produces musical collections that no one wants just to take up time during commerical breaks.

note: Time life should DIE
Commerical) 100 Songs for kids can be yours for only 19.95

Viewer) Augh my ears they bleed!
додав Marcus M 11 Липень 2005