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A word used to describe something/someone simply coooool...
Man this guy is Toman!!

DUDE, check this Toman style outt!! KNARLY!!!
додав Slimage+ 10 Березень 2005

Слова пов'язані з Toman

drunk idiotic intoxication joby man seaman shit cat shite spobby spoby tam toe toley woman
A state of being. Usually intoxicated.
You look tomaned.
Further examples can be found at the Toman website.
додав Sinister Frog 4 Грудень 2005
(v.)- 1. a sudden increase in testosterone 2. to lose one's female constructions and assume the appearance of a man 3. to comandeer; to take over

see also: puberty
As the facial hair on my grandmother's upper lip began to flourish, it suddenly struck me that perhaps she had begun to man.
додав DarkElegy 27 Квітень 2007