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To be really fucked up on booze or drugs. "Torqued up" is also acceptable.
1: Mind if I crash on your couch? I'm way too torqued to drive.
2: That idiot came in here all torqued on blow actin' the fool and shit. We had to beat his ass!
додав A.C. Sativa 28 Травень 2013
Absolutely turned on; As hard/bonerized as physically possible.
She's so hot... I'm fully torqued right now.
додав chadioo 13 Квітень 2013
Angry, mad, upset
also Corked
I have to stay after school, I am so torqued!
додав FrenchFry 22 Травень 2004
as drunk as possible.

(often in combination with xanax and/or fishing and/or driving a van).
"whats up brohamsky?"

"I'm getting tortally torqued brah. you should come over."
додав pseudonymguy 22 Липень 2010
getting your ass handed to you by a superior in the military. Involves physical punishment that only the hardest of people can actually do. Can also be a phycological punishment.
1. Man master corperal really torqued us with the rucksack march.
2. I was perfect that inspection, he only threw my kit around to torque me.
додав babyg296 13 Лютий 2010
Adj. Something or someone that is both hard and artsy. A state of being.
This rave in an abandoned warehouse is so torqued
додав Whoiswizard 19 Липень 2011
Very drunk.
Last night we got really torqued.
додав Beastie 21 Вересень 2003