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Somebody who dresses in trendy clothes that everyone wears. A trend hopper is another word for hypebeast really. A year ago they'd wear a new era fitted cap with all the stickers, but now (2012) they'll be wearing a snap back. Trend hoppers will wear rainbow like purple, and pink, and only wear blaack, white, or any basic color when they're Jordans are that color. Trend hoppers overuse trendy things, and then when it's not cool, they'll act like they never cared about it. Trend hoppers are usually teenage boys, and are often "sneaker heads, and collectors."
They'll also wear beanies above their hairline.

Trend Hopper brands now include...
1. Jordan
2. LRG
3. Supreme
4. New Era
5. TISA ( 100+ dollar snapbacks)
6. The Hundreds
7. Vans
8. Levis
9. A&X
10. Nike (SB, Air max, Air force, Air griffey, and Foamposite)
Trend Hopper: Yo I got this fresh TISA snap back for $100, Levis skinny jeans, The Hundreds shirt, North face hoodie, Gshock and Concord 11's

Normal stylish person: Dude that may match, but why are you wearing such hyped up street wear

Trend Hopper: Hey don't hate on my swag! AIGHT?! Come at me! NO homo...

Normal stylish person: (walks away)
додав AntwonCoke 22 Січня 2012
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