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Someone that tries to break into the bathroom stall while you are dropping off the kids at the pool.
I was taking a peaceful dump until that turd bugular came in and ruined it.
додав SammyJD 5 Квітень 2006

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a portable toilet pumper,or plumber.based on the days of the outhouse (the cleaners would come in the night and take the contents of the house.)
honey call the turd bugular,the toilets clogged.
додав ralf 17 Травень 2004
A "Turd Bugular is a person who breaks into someone eles home and breaks or steals all of their shit and procedes to do the person in the ass after he does this and then leaves once he is done with the but rapping.
Someon brok into Bob's house and stole everything he had and before leaving was dond in the ass. True story
додав Gan 17 Травень 2003