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Combo of tight and sweet, accidentally said it one day and just sorta stuck
Those rims are tweet
додав Dbow, T-fresh, Jweezy B 11 Лютий 2008
An order to stop talking. Usually when someone is being annoying.
"blah blah blah blah...."
"hey! tweet! no one wants to hear it!"
додав Missie 16 Вересень 2003
The fart-like sound emitted through the male genitalia, much like the female "queef"
I tweeted in her mouth.
додав loudaaa 7 Січень 2010
When a you whistle while a girl gives you head, telling her to stop and bend over for sex instead.
"I straight up tweeted at my girl so I could get plowing"
додав Jean Luc Russo 2 Січень 2010
A girl who is known as a hoe/bird
Yo that bitch is a Tweet...she ran through the whole team
додав Young Reapa 2 Грудень 2009
a girl who is a hoe aka a bird
see that tweet over there? she been through the whole crew.
додав MiSS TiCiA 2 Грудень 2009
1. The act of ejaculating.

2. The new coined phrase for "jerking off".
1.: "Dude, I totally tweeted all over my girlfriend last night!"

2.: "I'm going in the bathroom to tweet."
додав TheArticulateOne 17 Вересень 2009