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A penis that is prone to pre mature ejaculation.
Girl 1: I was with this really hot guy last night.
Girl 2: Did you sleep with him?
Girl 1: Yeah but he prematurely ejaculated so it was over pretty quick.
Girl 2: Oh pity, sounds like he had a Two Minute Noodle.
додав principessash 26 Серпень 2009

Слова пов'язані з Two Minute Noodle

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A Person who is of little or no value. Worthless
JOE: That new employee Tommy doesn't get anything done but sit around and play with his Tablet all day

BOB: Yeeup hes a two minute noodle...but hey that way we pay him minimum wage just to collect the trolleys.
додав Pol Pothead 30 Травень 2014