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its a dance, hardcore kids do thats done to a certain beat of a song that u cant really hardcore dance to, so you two step to the beat the music. its take quite some skill to two step
iys done by taking two steps foer every step u take, its complicated to explain.
додав ill nino 07 Квітня 2005
A dance style done at hardcore shows. You sway your legs back and forth and shift on the beat of the music.
Examples of good bands to two step to:
Comeback Kid
XParty CrewX
додав DJGJ 22 Червня 2005
1) a "dance" step done to hardcore music, alternating pinwheeling arms and crossover legs. derived from the skanking done in the ska movement, it's similar in rhythm, but much more agressive. it seems simple at first glance but the motion is acctually quite hard to pick up and hold onto for long periods of time.

2) a general annoyance. try having any kind of pit while kids are two stepping and all it gets you in an elbow in the face. any less than five two steppers can be overtaken by a rushing of the pit... sometimes a loose circle piut can be formed... & if there's any more than five... that is one fucking huge venue that you're in, buddy.

1) setting; punkrock show in the 707.
mohawk: what're they DOING?
byrd: two stepping. they're hardcore kids, and this IS Resiliance.
mohawk: oh.

2) setting; punkrock show in the 707.
mohawk: what're they DOING?
byrd: two stepping. they're hardcore kids, and this IS Resialiance.
mohawk: fuck that, it's a PUNK show.
7seconds backpatch: circle pit?
skunx hair: no, let's rush 'em.

(JUST... go to a fucking show... cheers.)
#hxc #hardcore #dance #2step #moshing
додав catarac...a 01 Січня 2007
A type of dance that people of the scene clicke do that is very hard but looks easy enough for even idiots to try. Related to a throw down it is done at a certain point in a hardcore song.
Man Eddie two steps like a fag.

#2 step #throwdown #hardcore #scene #blonde streak
додав Geoff O B 28 Жовтня 2005
Cock-blocking yourself by spending the first half of a night flirting with a girl, but then spending then next part of the night hitting on her friend or roommate, thus blowing it with both of them.
Guy: Oh man! I totally two-stepped it tonight with those two girls. Why didn't I just stick with the first girl?!
#cock-block #pick up #two-stepping #two-stepped #fail
додав DJ Break 10 Вересня 2009
A "hardcore song" dance. You usually do it during the breakdown of a song. Similar to Skanking in punk/ska music. Different in every city/state like Nyc and New Jersey and Maryland etc... Dont get confused with the kids jumping around swinging there arms and legs trying to hurt eachother(stupid, i dont know what they are doing). That almost always ends up in a fight.
"breakdown of a song"

Guy A: Time to two step.
Guy B: Nice, watch out for the dumb kid trying to kill everyone.
#2 step #two steppin #2 steppin #hardcore dance #hardcore music
додав onekilO 28 Грудня 2005
that dance that all those kids do at shows..which i immitate in the halls of nelson highschool infact its quite amusing. involves walking back and forth until the music gets loud enough for you to start waving your arms and legs in a sort of "i dont give a shit who gets hurt" sort of way.

Patt and Ron are two-stepping hXc!

sorry for hitting you in the face while i was two-stepping wesley!
#dance mosh #throwdown #dance hardcore #that dance that randy does really well #making a jackass of yourself at a show
додав that kid with the pants and the hair! 23 Жовтня 2005
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