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Usually used describe effeminate men or males who lack valor; a cross between a twat and a pussy.
Ever since Joe got married, damn, that dude has become a f'ing twussy.
додав G-Tat-Money 15 Вересень 2007

Слова пов'язані з Twussy

pussy twat cooter courage effeminate fine hot men sexy teen vagina
teenage vagina
"Hey man lets go to the movies to pick up some of that tight twussy."
"Nah. I ain't looking to get arrested again. That last girl was way too young. "
додав Bob (The King) Costas 13 Січень 2013
The perfect girl- A combination of "twat" and "pussy", when one of the two words does not do the girl justice.
Look at that fine twussy over there... WOW.
додав tstew 12 Червень 2010