an adjective describing something good, exciting, fun, etc....
That was a hella tyte music video!
додав tha tytest person ever 1 Липень 2003
Top Definition
An amazing beatboxer from the UK
"Jesus, Tyte is the tightest beatboxer ever! He sounds like a damn echo chamber...."
додав Anonymouse 31 Жовтень 2003
something exciting, happy, fun, great, good or nice
"I got the new 50 Cent CD today! It's so TYTE!"
додав Lena 6 Квітень 2003
Another term for something really great or an expression of delight
"This food is fully TYTE yaar!"
"Arey TYTE I can stand on my head!"
додав Little Blue Patakha 15 Січень 2003
Something really cool
"I really like Jaffar, he's such a TYTE guy!"
"This food is fully tyte! I want more!"
додав Little Blue Patakha 3 Січень 2003
This car is tyte because it's pimped out '03 Cadilac
додав N2k 13 Травень 2003
sumthin tha iz really koo
"yo that shit iz tyte!"
додав *Tight* 15 Січень 2003

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