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An absolute machine of a person. Looks like they never leave the gym and usually out to cause trouble.
Terminator is considered a unit
додав Matt Brooksy 8 Травень 2006
296 122
Used in Beavis and Butthead Do America, unit, refers to penis.
"Uh-huh-huh, do you want to see my unit?" --Butthead
додав cold_mh769 3 Серпень 2003
283 131
Male penis. also known as a dick, cock, schlong, meat, wiener, noodle, winky, pipe, peepee, ding-dong, snake, tube, hose, worm, caca, dinkerbell, thing, it, willy.
My unit has many names.
додав XSGame 6 Вересень 2005
175 102
1> someone who is indescribable.

2> some one so fucked up, & complicated that they can only be discribed by the word UNIT
that Cherise is some UNIT.
додав joshua power 27 Червень 2009
42 16
your parental "units", your parents
God the units are cramping my style
додав Nix & BL 21 Червень 2001
33 7
A clothing brand designed for bogan pride.
A typical bogan will have a big Unit sticker on the back of their Commo.
John put a Unit sticker on the back of his commo, and then drove down the street throwing empty rum cans at lebs
додав Joe!Joe!Joe! 28 Серпень 2010
38 26
Big sturdy bird you wouldn't want to mess with but would want on your side if things started to get tasty.
Ere Bri, you seen that big old Bella Emberg in accounts?
Aye, a right unit.
додав LoonyBob 10 Вересень 2010
22 11