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Very Superior Old Pale (cognac)
I want a remy martin VSOP.
додав Eric 1 Лютий 2005
131 47
Definition: Very Special Other Person...(what is meant by phrase used in R&B singer, K. Michelle's song.
Sentence: I'm going to be spending my evening with my V.S.O.P.
додав Lady Mikko 22 Жовтень 2013
53 19
Stands for Very Special Old Pale/Particular. Usually a mark designating the the cognac inside is of 20-25 year old stock. A step above any cognac marked VS.
I got some VSOP chillin' on the rocks.
додав GrahamK 3 Вересень 2005
102 69
Very Superior Old Pale (cognac)
vsop got me off the chain FROM PLIES SONG DAT B**CH
додав britt britt 24 Серпень 2008
71 48
Very Special Old Pussy
An older woman who's still hot.
Anthony's mom is VSOP, I'd throw it in her in an instant
додав JSmith 7 Лютий 2005
59 118