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A country where there are more motor scooters than cars.
In Vietnam the motor scooter traffic is so crazy, you almost die every time you try to cross the street. No one stops even for a minute.
додав Ookpick GooseFrubba 16 Серпня 2005
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A country that has defeated a lot of bigger opponents such as China, Mongolia, France and the United States, but as of yet, couldn't defeat the enemy within. The people there also have a habit of forgiving their past enemies. There is a large Chinese minority and contrary to the rest of the world, Americans are not hated.
Go to hell, commie bastards!
додав Anonymous 09 Вересня 2003
A country in Southeast Asia that has gone through enourmous Imperial and Colonial rule. As well as lots of wars to be it's own country.

China controlled the country for over 1000 years, and Vietnam revolted. France, and Japan during WWII, than controlled it 1887-1954, the French were cruel to the Vietnamese people and forced many of them into rubber plantations. France lost it's control by the Viet Minh, a communist group who wanted to free their country of France's rule. After France's lost of control, the country splitted into two different Countries, North and South. North Vietnam was a Communist Country lead by the Viet Cong, formaly the Viet Minh, who's leader was Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was a democratic/republic country with their leader as Ngo Dinh Diem with heavy support from the US. Ngo Dihn Diem was a Roman Catholic, while the majority of the people were Buddhist, he was a really corrupt leader who was chosen by the US.

Under a treaty, The North and South were to have an election on reforming their country into a Communist country or a Democratic/Republic Country with help from the US. The people would of chosen Communism, because Communism freed Vietnam from the French and the people wanted to be their own country without the help of the US. The US, not wanting communism, told Ngo Dinh Diem to not hold the election. This angered the North Vietnamese government who wanted to reunite their country and wanted to rule their own country without help. The US sent troops into Vietnam to make sure it didn't become a Communist Country. This is the reason of the Vietnam War.

The North Vietnamese Army were determined to make their country a country where their people would rule, and they succeeded with the withdrawal of the US.

Vietnam is now a "socialist republic" country who's primary language is Vietnamese, and their second languages are English, French, and Chinese. They have forgiven their enemies in exchange for peace and to make their country a great country, who's past is full of Imperialist and Colonialist rule.
Marine: "Damn Viet Cong! We're just here to help you damn Communist!"

Viet Cong: "If America never ever stopped that election, I would be at home in VIETNAM, and you would be at home!"
додав someone_who_studied 20 Листопада 2004
a situation in which there is no chance of winning. See also....modern day version of this term is "iraq"
"Honey, does this make me look fat?"

"I am so not answering that. You are NOT getting me into THAT vietnam."
#vietnam #no #win #unwinnable #iraq
додав gtbarry 30 Липня 2008
a country that is located in SE asia.
a small country with alot of determination and heart.
a country that'll kick every major country of whatever eras ass.
a very peaceful country which everyone picks on and underestimates because is small.
what if vietnam was big as china or America?? ohhh everyone will tremble.
додав duy 08 Травня 2004
A beautiful country with a rich culture and history dating back over 3,000 years. A former French colony, along with Cambodia and Laos, from the late 1800s to the early 1950s; as such, Vietnam's two largest cities, the capital Hanoi and the financial center Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), share the title of "Paris of Southeast Asia" and have many buildings and monuments of French design. However, the cultural heart and soul of Vietnam is undoubtedly the ancient imperial capital of Hue, with its beautiful palaces, mausoleums, parks and canals.

In 1995, more than twenty years after the end of a tragic and horrible war with the United States that scarred both countries deeply — one physically and the other psychologically — relations with the US have been normalized; contrary to popular belief in the States, most Vietnamese are very friendly and hold no animosity towards Americans, who now vacation in Vietnam in great numbers.
It's a country, not a war.
додав Poony 19 Березня 2005
A Beautiful country wit' Fine Ass Females..,only thing you gotta watch out, is fo' tha landmines ,but other than that a nice place to live.
Damn Viet Gurls are the best.
додав rQ_Tek519 29 Січня 2005
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