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a kid who might be obnoxious annoying and sarcastic at first sight. but once u get to know him you know he's a nice guy at heart =]
vinson is soo kind ;D but soo annoying
додав 123awaydude 5 Липень 2009
58 23
to have sex with a deaf person of the opposite or same sex.
"dude, you totally vinson'd that chick"
додав WTF!! 15 Листопад 2007
35 43
A jerk, that is trying to have fun. He is terribly mean to most people. But when you get to know him... He will be more comfortable annoying you and bothering you, and hurting you
Person 1: Omg he is such a jerk
Person 2: I know, and it makes sense because his name is Vinson.
mean rude vincent jerk bother
додав ValiBear 28 Червень 2011
15 26