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to avoid doing something you have promised to do, especially not to pay a debt
Marty got his thumbs broken by Vito after he welched on a gambling debt.
додав contractorpeon 2 Березень 2005
To "black flag".

Meaning to make a bet, and lose it. Then not follow through with the consequences.
YOU: "I'll make a bet that Carlton suck and miss the 8, loser has to suck Suzis penis."

BlackFlag: "Carlton will win the premiership you douche, i'll take your bet"

Carlton go on to stink up the entire competition, blackflag loses the bet, and ignores that the bet was ever placed. Making him a dirty welch and the lowest form of life in the universe.
додав Blissid 28 Квітень 2010
To welch. To go back on your word. A highly derogatory word made popular through the be-mag messageboard crew in response to wirolla's act of cowardice.
Wirolla had two options; tits or GTFO. He welched, he chose the second option.
додав gatsby. 4 Вересень 2008
A bear
The Welch ate the human that got too close to its cubs.
додав tittieballs 26 Січень 2011
To masturbate in public with intent to be caught.
Watch the door im going to welch
додав zhawk 21 Травень 2013
a term of measurement for tea.
This bottle contains two welchs of tea.
додав danbarton 1 Квітень 2009
purple weed. ie: grapes.
Yo, I got dem welches!
додав Lowki 28 Квітень 2006