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Short for "Win The Day", a common phrase said among University of Oregon Duck Football Fans and Players. Coach Chip Kelley used this as his motto during Football practice.
Win The Day!!

-Coach Chip Kelley
WTD Founder
додав Doggnutts 10 Січень 2011

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wtf wtf what what wth wth the the wtb wtb cobalt bomb cobalt bomb dick dick dtf dtf fuck fuck omg omg
WANT THE DICK?...When time is consuming and you are able to say just one thing to a female that you think is a dime which is WANT THE DICK OR WTD????
Sean: Damn I wanna get my fuck on but I aint tryin to be in a relationship WTD(Want The Dick?)
Crystal: My place or yours?
додав S.DIESEL1212 23 Липень 2013
what the deuce
wtd is your problem
додав jordan 26 Травень 2004
When you are trying to type WTF (what the fuck) and instead make a typo and type WTD, thus making (what the duck)
"WTD that is so whack!"

"I don't know WTD happened."
додав Soph88 28 Квітень 2011
Why Today Doesn't Suck
After dinner, we had some WTDS cheesecake.
додав poiuqwer 7 Березень 2011
Instead of "What the fuck", it's "What the dick". Used to express surprise, anger, and other such emotions.
When i failed my calculus test and my friend laughed I was like dude WTD
додав juanster 29 Липень 2010
Want This Dick?
Dude: Aye bitch, WTD?

Girl: Hell yea, im DTF (:
додав Cykes 4 Січень 2011