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Name for fans of the rock group, The Weber Brothers
It was a great show. All the usual Web Heads were there.
додав Web Head #1 11 Лютий 2010
When a guy jizzs in a girls hair.
Hey, you talk to Jon yet, why, I herd he gave his girlfriend webhead last night!
додав sidekick77777 30 Травень 2009
An advanced and sofisticated Web surfer. Do not confuse with an adict Web surfer.
She has been using the Web for five years now, and has become a real webhead.
додав Menteco 4 Липень 2003
any person that surfs the internet for extended periods of time without any purpose.
I surfed the internet all day for no particular reason. I am such a web-head!
додав Paul J Parkinson 24 Березень 2005