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Wikipedia.com is becoming more and more used by schools. Instead of "googling" it, you "Wiki" It
Yo, Jump on Wikipedia.com and Wiki it, your science assignment!
додав Mickel hahaha 8 Серпень 2006
to search something on wikipedia that you don't know.
Brad Pitt: I don't know where the town of Buttzville is so I'll wiki it.
додав JackJohnson6969 11 Березень 2009
To search something on Wikipedia, usually in an attempt to disprove someone else. Can also be said as Wiki-That, or for a more broader search, Google/Yahoo-It/That.
Kirk: Hey, did you know that pink floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" totally syncs up with "The Wizard of Oz"?

Spock: Thats illogical. Let me wiki-it.
додав Dr. Leonard McCoy 27 Квітень 2009
Look it up in "Wiki-pedia."
Don't Know what I'm talking about? Wiki-It,Yo.
додав Waboa 11 Лютий 2009
To look something up on wikipedia.org
John: Who's Pablo Escobar?
Mo: Don't know you should Wiki it.
додав mutlagson 13 Квітень 2008
This is the act of using Wikipedia.com to discover the meaning of obscene terms.
"My cousin thinks a cameltoe is a pair of flip-flops, I beleive it is a female wedgie. To set the record straight we are going to Wiki-it.
додав SuctionParrot 12 Квітень 2009