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Wikipedia.com is becoming more and more used by schools. Instead of "googling" it, you "Wiki" It
Yo, Jump on Wikipedia.com and Wiki it, your science assignment!
додав Mickel hahaha 8 Серпень 2006
36 27
to search something on wikipedia that you don't know.
Brad Pitt: I don't know where the town of Buttzville is so I'll wiki it.
додав JackJohnson6969 11 Березень 2009
7 3
To search something on Wikipedia, usually in an attempt to disprove someone else. Can also be said as Wiki-That, or for a more broader search, Google/Yahoo-It/That.
Kirk: Hey, did you know that pink floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" totally syncs up with "The Wizard of Oz"?

Spock: Thats illogical. Let me wiki-it.
додав Dr. Leonard McCoy 27 Квітень 2009
3 0
Look it up in "Wiki-pedia."
Don't Know what I'm talking about? Wiki-It,Yo.
додав Waboa 11 Лютий 2009
2 0
To look something up on wikipedia.org
John: Who's Pablo Escobar?
Mo: Don't know you should Wiki it.
додав mutlagson 13 Квітень 2008
2 1
This is the act of using Wikipedia.com to discover the meaning of obscene terms.
"My cousin thinks a cameltoe is a pair of flip-flops, I beleive it is a female wedgie. To set the record straight we are going to Wiki-it.
додав SuctionParrot 12 Квітень 2009
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