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When your doing a girl doggystyle, place your pointer finger and your middle finger in her anus, after pulling your fingers out proceed to reach over the top of her head and insert your fingers in her nostrils, then yank her head back causing her to resemble a wild boar.
"I had to give this girl a wild boar because she was getting out of hand"
додав High Voltage for Life 18 Лютий 2012

Слова пов'язані з Wild Boar

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When you whisper another girls name into your girlfriends ear on purpose during sexual intercourse, and hold her in place for 8 seconds
Brandon: "oh yes catherine"
Shiann: " &#%*!!!! " -goes apesh*t-
Brandon: "oh sh*t your like a wild boar"
додав brothefast 30 Вересень 2014