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A k-pop group with the five members: Sun Ye, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi, So Hee, and Ye Eun. They have many hit songs like Tell Me, So Hot, Irony, and Nobody. They have recently debuted in the United States and have went on tour with the Jonas Brothers. Their prouder/manager is JYP,and the Wonder Girls are signed to JYP entertainment. Unfortunately, there are some antis out there and hate on So Hee the most. They make rude comments on how she can't sing, dance, or that she's ugly. All of them are FALSE. So Hee CAN sing AND dance. JYP just makes her sing out her vocal range and all high and cute. So Hee isn't ugly, she's quite cute and pretty. She hasn't gotten plastic sugery and is 100% natural looking like the other Wonders.
Wonder Girls are one of my favorite k-pop groups.
додав Ee Babo 02 Листопада 2009
The Wonder Girls are a Korean kpop girl group from JYP Entertainment. They debuted in 2007 and are still going strong.

The current members are Sunye, Yeeun, Sohee, Yoobin, and Haelim. Former members include HyunA (now in 4Minute) and Sunmi. HyunA had left the group due to health issues, and Sunmi had left to go back to study in Korea. However, Sunmi still has the option to come back to the Wonder Girls.

The Wonder Girls have many hit songs like Irony, Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody. They sparked a dance craze in Asia, (mostly Korea) with their hit song Tell Me. The Wonder Girls have hit the U.S. and have successfully entered the U.S. market. They are the first ones to do so. The Wonder Girls have toured with the Jonas Brothers, opened for Justin Bieber, and been on the Wendy Williams show and So You Think You Can Dance. Nobody is also a hit song in other foreign countries.

The Wonder Girls will have their own tour this summer with 2PM as their opening act. They will also release their mini album in May, and release a brand new english album in July.
The Wonder Girls are my favorite kpop group.
додав EeBabo 21 Квітня 2010
Korean girl group. Debuted 2007.
Hee, Ye Eun, Sun Ye, Yoo Bin, Sun Mi!

Wonder Girls and Big Bang sometimes collab, thus making Wonder Bang.
Wonder Girls are pretty, and none of them have gotten plastic surgery, unlike some girls in Girls Generation. haha.
додав GraceyLu 05 Жовтня 2008
It is a Korean popular pop girl group. They started their career with 'Irony' and they became star with their 2nd album 'Tell me'. There was even 'Tell me syndrom' in Korea. They started their career on America in 2009.
додав dismoi 20 Липня 2009
Pseudo-deep and unintelligent obese individual with an overinflated value of her own self-worth. Can be found soliciting cottage cheese from her thighs to lonely, random internet strangers for cash.
See also camwhore, prostitute.
Wondergirl has the most giant and disgusting beef curtains ever photographed by a webcam with 2000% contrast and brightness.
додав csqrl 08 Січня 2004
a girl who works at Whole Foods in Philly, tattoed, beautiful, funny
Wondergirl bent over to straighten the Burts Bees rack.
додав tbone 17 Березня 2005
1. supremely overweight semi-intelligent lifeform. Maintains a website in the hope that a blind or insane person will pay money to see exclusive pictures of her. See also emo.
2. superhero
Christ, wondergirl is bloated.
додав allio 07 Серпня 2003
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