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When you're having sex on the beach with your chick, and sand gets in her pussy, but you just keep goin. Her shrieks of pain are akin to the mating call of a howler monkey.
"Dude, i was doin this chick yesterday at the beach, but she got some sand in her vajayjay."
"What did you do?"
"Well, i just gave her an arabian sand monkey, but she was PISSED"
додав Cavin McDunker 8 Листопад 2007

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arabian howler howler monkey mating call monkey sand scream
you put wax on the guys dick, put it in sand and put it into the arabian chick
Can u not shove your arabian sandmonkey so far up my second nostral.
додав i love sand monkeys up my ass 28 Березень 2009