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The American adjective. A concept, object or act whose worth lies somewhere between non-objectional and life changing.

Use: in leiu of all other adjectives.
We defeated Hitler. Awesome!

We have kettle chips. Awesome!
додав FD200 22 Травень 2012
59 27
Annoyingly used by English people who wish they were American!
Oh Edward the tea party you held was most definitely AWESOME!

What do you think of my new slippers Alice?
Alice: they're awesome!
додав Shabbag1 12 Вересень 2013
41 15
An adjective used to describe a person who surpasses all human expectations, whose genius blinds all those around, who sets the supreme standards for humans to strive for, who is an Ideology all by himself.
Yoganand is Awesome.
додав sailor_jupiter 7 Вересень 2011
63 45
Someone who is absolutely amazing and exhibits the traits of being worthy of awe! Perfection at it's greatest. When one is considered to be amazing, it can be inferred that they are also amazing, cool, beautiful, and fantastic. See Example.
Bob- "Isn't Lauren awesome?!"
Jim- "Of course! She's the most amazing person in the world! How couldn't she be?"
додав LaurenFan123 6 Червень 2010
39 27
Extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration, apprehension, or fear.
Extremely good; excellent.
bhagya is awesome
додав OpethFTW 13 Квітень 2013
10 3
An Inspiration for an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear. Causing or Inducing "Awe"
додав Link8417 12 Жовтень 2013
6 0
truly wonderful; exceptional
Sarah D. Simpkins is awe-some.
додав JoshDick 6 Лютий 2004
11 6