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When you're about to fart, and something extra (and usually liquid) explodes out of the ass.
I was going to light my fart on fire at the party, but a few seconds later everyone got hit by my backfire.
#squirt #wet one #back-fire #back fire #exploding cheesecake
додав Smackdown Lane 19 Червня 2006
to bring a result opposite to that which was planned or expected.
They never learn even after all the games they play continue to backfire on them.
#disappoint #fail #ricochet #boomerang #backlash
додав Goddess12* 22 Грудня 2013
When a guy cums so hard, he ejaculates into his own face.
Dudes, I hella thought she was going to swallow, but she totes made me backfire.
#ejaculate #cum #squirt #jizz #jism
додав LisaHero 10 Листопада 2007
The moment where, when you're taking a shit, a large pocket of gas (referred to as a future-fart) that was resting mid-shit or between two shits escapes as you're passing your lovelog, resulting in a sudden violent fart than not only propels your previously freefalling turd at Mach 2 speeds, but also results in a pleasing shotgun blast of turdlings across the toilet bowl.

A backfire is so named for it's similarity to a car backfiring.
"Man, I was taking a dump and backfired, and now I get 'Nam flashbacks when I visit the shitter."
#shit #scat #fart #toilet #shotgun
додав TheTurdBurglar 28 Грудня 2013
When a man is receiving a blowjob and upon finishing inside the mouth of the giver, the contents are spat back in his direction.
Last night my girlfriend backfired all over my chest!
#backfiring #backfired #cum spitter #backfirer #blowjob #head
додав Emmett T 02 Березня 2010
when a guy cums hard enough to blow his load into his own face.
I thought she was going to finish the job, but she pulled off early, and I backfired.
#cum #oral #semen #premature #ejaculate
додав Jake the Ripper 18 Листопада 2007
The prefix given to an internet thread predicting the future that fails miserably, causing lulz.
PackedLunch's thread just got a Backfire tag
#fail #back fire #back fired #epic fail #not a flogstradamus
додав MorganAshlee 28 Лютого 2015
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