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(noun)a vaginia. The term comes from the NBC series Scrubs as a reference to a vaginia by the character Dr. Elliot Reid who does not like to verbalize genitalia.
I was with the OBGYN girls and saw like 300 bajingos.
додав Joey T3 22 Червень 2006
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a beautiful vagina
"She has a tattoo of a teardrop on her bajingo! Is it sad?
додав Eliot Reid 26 Січень 2004
discreet way of saying vagina
you have a gaping bajingo
додав trox 20 Січень 2006
slang for vagina
додав Shannon 10 Липень 2003
My bajingo is on fire
додав Ravin123 27 Листопад 2009
a woman's vagina, pussy
Her bajingo was on fire.
додав rahooblack 22 Березень 2009

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