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When a baseball player has had a hit or a walk every time he has come up to bat.
Even though Barry Bonds is batting 1000, he still won't get the batting title.
додав Spaz 8 Листопад 2003

Слова пов'язані з batting 1000

1. 100 % success against tremendous odds.
2. a perfect score
1. On this mission the Astronaut realized with the completion of the task he was "batting 1000".
2. I aced the test, won the competition, and became champion.
додав keli kear 8 Листопад 2003
I haven't missed a point all quarter in Calculus; I'm batting a thousand
додав The Rabid Definer 8 Листопад 2003
From baseball, where you always get a hit and never get out...or for dumbasses, it's being perfect.
додав Anonymous 8 Листопад 2003