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used to say that someone is really talented or good at doing something. mostly used in Long Island, Bahamas
*makes four 3 pointers* :you are a beast"
додав anonymous878ee 13 Серпень 2012
35 22
Basically, Damian McMaster
wow matt you're not even close to as beast as damian.
додав BigDick67 14 Квітень 2014
7 1
A group of korean boy idols who are passionate when it comes to singing. A hard-working group who are undoubtedly talented,

respectful, & lovable. Saviour of fans who lost hope. The reason for a person to survive and still smile despite of a tough day. An inspiration & a good influence to any person.
I found hope from BEAST
додав yurilee 6 Лютий 2014
7 5
A beast is someone who is a tank, either extremely muscly or just fearless. willing to do anything to show alpha male dominance
you know Reece isn't he a beast
додав The real beast 17 Березень 2014
3 2
to be good at something
That boy's a beast at that basketball
додав Jhod 21 Листопад 2007
8 7
An adjective used to describe someone who enjoys beastiality and finds animals sexually attractive.
1:"My dog is licking my crotch"

2:"You're so beast
додав HooLoO 21 Жовтень 2009
64 64
Something that is very good, has exceptional qualities, is very large or just generally something that makes life more entertaining that the utter wank that it normally is.
'That is a beast' or 'what a beast'
додав Gay Bear 12 Серпень 2007
34 34