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A blacksmith apron is the english terminology for a gunt. Basically this is when a females gut hangs over her genitals. Not an attractive look!
"Hey Rich T, look at em and her blacksmiths apron!"
додав Malcy-Malc 16 Березень 2005

Слова пов'язані з blacksmiths apron

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This afliction is when a persons gut hangs over thier belt, so much so, that it covers thier genitals, in the style of an apron.
"Hey Rich T, look at em`s blacksmiths apron!"
додав Malcy-Malc 14 Березень 2005
An overabundance of pubic hair. Usually but not always covering the entire frontal pelvic area from hip bone to hip bone. Just immagine the blacksmiths apron. Dirty Dirty hair.
I got a rash from that bitches blacksmith's apron.
додав Saltlick 23 Березень 2011
An overabundance of pubic hair. Usualy covering a majority of the frontal pelvis. Very popular in the 1940's but falling from favor in the 90's.
That Demi Moore realy has a nice Blacksmith's apron.
додав saltlick 24 Березень 2011