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to be really high off marijuana
Damn, I just smoked 5 blunts, I'm blown!
додав Ashley 5 Грудень 2004
Similar to "wasted" but in relation to smoking "buddah" and not drinking alcohol. High of yer ass
I got blown last night
додав Papa Smurf 4 Лютий 2003
really mad or upset about something.
her dad was blown when he found out about her grades.
додав geechelle 10 Липень 2008
High as a mothafucka!
Dude! We are so BLOWN right now!
додав S_xOxO 2 Серпень 2008
To make one agravated or annoyed, or to shock one with ones ignorance

I'm blown because Austin keeps waking me up in the middle of the night.
додав Dalton Meems 27 Вересень 2007
itz when ur real mad; heated
damn im blown; they stole my radio
додав kryptonite 20 Листопад 2005
To be blown, high, ripped, stoned or blazed is to have an entire body excellence that is utterly inexplicable to an unaware person.
For anyone who has ever smoked herb and had a really crazy mind blowing thought. This is the simple definition to someone with no knowledge of mary jane.

"I was so blown last night and I thought of some crazy shit man!"

"Shut up dude you were just high."

*Sigh* If only you knew.
додав KushStuck 12 Лютий 2010