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When a large black woman flosses her ass with a belt, leaving a couple dingleberries on the buckle
"I love this belt, I'm going to take it home and make myself a warm blueberry buckle!
додав thejammonster 6 Серпень 2007

Слова пов'язані з blueberry buckle

dingleberries ass belt berry blue bluebery bukle buckle dingleberry floss strangle
a sexual act when you take a female and curl her up in a ball and start to choke her till she becomes blue, meanwhile you are mashing up blueberries. Then you stuff the blueberries in her vagina, then you have sex with her. After you finishing around her vagina. Then you proceed to eat her out.
We had moldy blueberries since no one was going to eat them I used them to blueberry buckle my girlfriend.
додав foodmaster 27 Вересень 2011